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AG-100 GD/T

Brand: Electric Water Coolers
Item No: Admiral 100 GD/T
Availability: On Order
Product Name :

100 Ltr Electric Water Coolers

Specification :

Cooling Capacity :
100 LTRS

No of Taps :

Temperature Range :
5° - 12°c

Power Specifications :
220-240v 1 PHASE 50HZ

Finishing :
Front : Stainless Steel
Sides : Stainless Steel

Refrigerant :
R134a / German Danfoss Compressor

Features :

Compressor : DANFOSS

Condensing Unit :
Heavy duty compressor
designed for extreme desert conditions
Specially designed for countries with hot climates
Peak cooling capacity is taken at desert ambient 45°C rated conditions to get chilled water at + 12°c to + 5°c

Inner Tank :
Fabricated hygienically with Stainless steel fitted with leak proof hygienic attachments
The inner tank is insulated with CFC free polyurethane foam.

Refrigeration System :
Fitted with world renowned, high-starting torque, high-temperature compressors. Condenser and fan are slightly oversized to ensure efficient working in high temperatures. Copper cooling coil metal bonded to outside of water tank. Whole system hermetically sealed with R-22 (or R-134a) as refrigerant. Measurement All gas baking and grilling oven with upper and lower oven and grilling separate keys and timer with thermostat. Oven lamp and rotisserie is included with stainless steel front panel and reflective mirror glass door. Enameled Oven Cavity (S/steel oven cavity is optional)

Water System :
All copper, brass, stainless steel water system. Water tank made of stainless steel. Tank safety tested at 10kg/cm2 (142 p.s.i.) with recommended maximum working pressure of 3kg/cm2 (42 p.s.i.). Fitted with high quality chrome plated brass taps.

Insulation :
Moisture proof and highly effective polystyrene insulation

Thermostat :
High quality water temperature control thermostat, adjustable from 9°C to 15°C (48°F to 60ºF).

For 100Ltrs and above industrial water cooler series please contact us