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Our history

The collective skills and expertise of a group of people led to the founding on Admiral in 1967 and has seen the company active in the field of Domestic, Commercial and Professional catering and Kitchen Equipment - and especially in the Production, Import and Export of Gas and Home Appliances - for the last Fifty years.

Over the years, following market requirements and developments, the production has included a wide range of Domestic Home and Gas Appliances along with special equipment for Commercial Food Preparation, Preservation and Presentation.

From the beginning, we have been constantly committed to studying new solutions in order to improve existing product performance and develop new alternatives characterized by cost effective solutions for customs need, all within the overall context of quality, responsibility, and years of trust.


Our objective is to listen to our customers need, and work hard to meet their needs with fast and an Effective solutions keeping in mind that the project should be cost efficient and a success.

Admiral Gold works for professional people in the fields of professional catering and refrigeration:

• Dealers and Importers.
• Restaurants, Fast food chains, Hotels, Super markets, Catering sector.
• Architects, Interior designers and Design consultants.

We want to be a professional and reliable partner, capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive market with products that are both beautiful and technologically advanced with Imported parts from Italy, Korea and China.

We want to maintain a lasting business connection with our customers and we would like to be a point of reference for them by offering technical assistance and customer care solutions with expertise and speed.


All equipment is designed internally in our technical department. Our team of engineers, designers and technicians is always looking for new ideas and solutions to improve existing products and develop new models.

After that the project goes to our production section in charge of the steel work and the assembly of the equipment. Our state-of-the-art production house carries out in-depth tests on all products to ensure high standards of reliability, safety, performance and energy saving.

It is this Management of the entire production process and our team that makes us one of the leading Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters of high quality equipment and service providers for Professional, Commercial and Semi-Commercial Kitchens in Pakistan and all across the World.

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Our entire Imported and domestic product fabrication and parts have TUV, UL, CE certification followed by ISO 9001-2000 Standard.

Every one of our business activities - from design to after-sales service – is important for achieving our main objective: to ensure elevated standards of reliability and provide quality service guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

That is why every business process is included in a CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management) in which the customer and his requirements are paramount and a customized and long lasting business relationship is established.

Customer Care

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Please, provide us with all useful information regarding your problem and we will get back to you with the solution quickly.

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